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Environmentally-friendly agriculture

Common objectives to the benefit of everyone's wellbeing, in order to achieve new sustainability goals

To produce more, produce better, and respect the environment: this is the great challenge of today and tomorrow, worldwide. It is also a must, if we are to achieve a fully sustainable form of agriculture, both economically and socially.

Emilia Romagna first began pursuing these objectives back in the seventies, when it pioneered an integrated fight to reduce the use of chemical in our fields. The insights of that time have now become a common practice, and the region's commitment has been directed towards further goals: an all-out no to GMOs; support for organic farming; precision and conservation agriculture; protecting biodiversity; investment in innovation, to align the interest of the community with that of individual farms. Because reducing the consumption of natural resources also means reducing business costs and increasing competitiveness.  

Thanks to the 2007- 2013 Rural Development Programme, more than €12m were invested in innovation and pre-competitive development, €20m in training and technical consultancy, and approximately €33m in research.  

During the same period, in Emilia Romagna, agro-environmental interventions affected 20% of the agricultural area, while the use of nitrogen fertilizers fell by 40%, of phosphate fertilizers by 60%, and of agricultural chemicals by 40%. Moreover, CO2 emissions in the atmosphere were reduced by 200,000 tons per year. Thanks to Irrinet, an innovative service that targets irrigation based on the type of crop and the weather forecast, the use of water in the fields has decreased by 20%.

Curbing land consumption, cutting emissions, using less water: these are common objectives, to the benefit of everyone's wellbeing, that businesses and the institutions should address together in order to achieve new sustainability goals.

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Published Jun 19, 2014 — last modified May 05, 2015

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