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Doing well, together

Development based on common goods and values; legality and rights

The Apennine Mountains stand to the south, the River Po to the north, the Adriatic Sea to the east. At the centre, lies the green triangle of the Po Valley. These are the roots of Emilia Romagna.

Unique products symbolising Italian production in the world. Great brands. An advanced and modern agricultural system that preserves strong ties with its own history. A unique territory, shaped by the tireless work of man.

An age-old toil to steal the "lowlands" from the water, from the draining of the wetlands to the last great reclamation of the Po Delta in the 50s. The Emilia Romagna canal, one of the most important Italian water infrastructures, used to irrigate an area of ​​over 3,000 square kilometers with the waters of the Po.

And now: an extraordinary effort at reconstruction, so that the places affected by the earthquake of May 2012 can start over, stronger than before.

Nothing is left to chance, and today's primacy rests on solid foundations.

Doing well, together; development based on common goods and values; legality and rights

These are the hallmarks of an age-old journey, conducted to the present day.  

Emilia Romagna's inclination to cooperation goes back a long way. It was here, in Ravenna, that the first Italian agricultural cooperative was founded by Nullo Baldini in 1883, to provide an opportunity for social redemption to labourers and the lower classes. 

Today, cooperative enterprises are one of the strengths of the agriculture and food industry of Emilia Romagna. 

Still rooted in the original concept of ​​solidarity, the focus today lies also on the environment, with a view to producing more and better, while respecting nature's resources.

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Published Jun 19, 2014 — last modified May 05, 2015

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