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promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna during Expo Milan 2015 from 1 May to 31 October.


The talk on post-Expo challenges with Stefano Bonaccini

Post-Expo, the initiatives of the Emilia-Romagna Region are already focused on Dubai 2020

The future objectives of the Emilia-Romagna system following the 2015 Expo have been defined, starting from the Food Forum at Cibus Parma (9-10 May 2016, Parma, Italy) and the FICO Project in Bologna. Internationalisation, research and innovation are at the centre of regional policies. "A challenge won," says president Bonaccini.

Training in Silicon Valley for Emilia-Romagna start-ups

President Bonaccini, on an official visit to California, has opened the "Emilia-Romagna Technology Venture Launch Program" (TVLPx) in Menlo Park, with 10 start ups: they will take part in lessons with lecturers from the most important American universities

Stefano Bonaccini with Karen Ross

The post-Expo experience for the Emilia-Romagna region starts in California

The US Minister for Agriculture, Karen Ross, has signed the Milan Charter with the Region’s President Bonaccini in the Napa Valley. They spoke about the Region’s commitment to food safety. Fico presented in California

The president of the Region, Mr Stefano Bonaccini

After Expo, the Emilia-Romagna Region is setting its sights on the Silicon Valley

President Bonaccini is on a mission to forge institutional alliances and establish new economic relations. The Focuses: start ups, research, innovation, high technology and the quest, after Expo, to find participants in the World Food Research and Innovation Forum

On the left Antonio Ghini with councilor Rotella

After Expo, it’s time for the winter edition of Discover Ferrari&Pavarotti land

The tour of the excellent businesses in the Modena area, with bus and shuttle connections that also take tourists right on site, is relaunching and will also continue throughout the winter season

Bonaccini at the ER square at Expo next to the touch wall with the finest products of Emilia-Romagna

In 2015, tourism grew in Emilia Romagna. The " fruits of Expo" will be seen in future

The region has registered 43.5 million tourists since January. All the figures from seaside and mountain resorts and art and spa towns are rising. According to Bonaccini, "One and a half million more tourists is a very significant figure. Tourism is a strategic sector in which investments and jobs should be increased."

Fico Eataly-World, in Emilia-Romagna the legacy of Expo 2015

President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini, at the presentation of the Fabbrica Contadina (Farming Factory) to be set up at the Caab in Bologna: we are a leading region in the agro-food sector, and Fico could only ever be established here

Councilor  Simona Caselli and president He Zhong (Beijing), Holding Co.Ltd

Business Expo, meeting with China's and Emilia Romagna's seed industry

The Councillor for Agriculture, Simona Caselli: "We are Italy's leading producing region, achieving levels of excellence in crops with the highest added value"

An award for Human Rights: at Expo the prize awarded by the Legislative Assembly

The René Cassin prize was awarded to three young graduates: three working scholarships of 10,000 euro for a 10-month experience abroad in the sector of international development and cooperation

The president of the Region, Mr Stefano Bonaccini

Emilia-Romagna joins the "Under 2 Mou" Memorandum at Expo 2015

Emission control. The Regional Council of Emilia Romagna, in the person of its President, Stefano Bonaccini, announces its membership of the Memorandum

Beyond Expo, Emilia-Romagna "marching" towards Guangdong

In Bologna a numerous institutional and business delegation to establish new commercial relations. President Bonaccini is working on a trip to China in 2016 involving the region's companies and universities

Simona Caselli, councillor for agriculture for the Emilia Romagna Region

Green Emilia-Romagna aims to double organic surface areas by 2020

The announcement made by Simona Caselli, councillor for agriculture for the Emilia Romagna Region, at the organic agriculture initiative promoted by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies at Expo.

The Regional President Stefano Bonaccini concluded the meeting with the mayors of the municipalities of Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna turns its attention to after the Expo with the region's mayors

On the final day of the week of Emilia Romagna as protagonist at the Universal Exposition, the Regional President, Bonaccini, together with the Emilia Romagna mayors

The president of the Region, Mr Stefano Bonaccini, has signed the Milan Charter

The 2015 Expo does not end on 31 october for the Emilia-Romagna Region

The World Food Forum continues after the universal exhibition - the next edition will be held in Parma on 9-10 May 2016, during the Cibus event

Emilia-Romagna Regional President Stefano Bonaccini

Stefano Bonaccini: "Emilia-Romagna, a region of excellences"

The speech of Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, for Expo and for the week of Emilia-Romagna as protagonists, already looking beyond Expo

The week of Emilia-Romagna as protagonist at Expo Milano 2015

From 18 to 24 September Emilia-Romagna will be the queen of the Universal Exposition

Salvatore Ceccarelli

Food, sustainability and food safety. Winners of the Bologna Award 2015 announced

The award went to the Italian scientist Salvatore Ceccarelli and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. The award ceremony is to be held at Expo, on Wednesday 23 September in the Italy Pavilion, during the Week of Protagonism of the Emilia-Romagna Region

Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena

Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti land, the “new” tourism born with the Expo

A new territorial marketing model was started in Modena. Until 30th October there is a special offer for Emilia Romagna (ER) residents - they can have a “passport” for half price

The touch wall in Piazzetta Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna 2.0: a touch wall with all of the region's excellences in the Piazzetta

ExplorER: a special interactive mosaic on a six by two metre screen with all the best of the region's history, tradition, art, food and wine and industry

 The President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini at the inauguration

Emilia-Romagna lands at Expo 2015: protagonist from August to October

Piazzetta on the Cardo inaugurated, all the initiatives. President Bonaccini: "We will present our examples of excellence to the world". The Expo special: insights, images and videos

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