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promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna during Expo Milan 2015 from 1 May to 31 October.


The map

A food journey: mapping Emilia-Romagna's journey to the Expo

From Rimini to Piacenza and then to the Expo with a 75 metre-long piece of dough and the culinary specialities of the land. Here is the map that the chefs of Emilia Romagna will follow, along the via Emilia, the Po and the via dei Parchi

The region of Emilia-Romagna is becoming increasingly European, aided also by Expo 2015

The region’s president, Stefano Bonaccini, met with Tim Flear, the new British Consul General in Milan: among the topics discussed were attractiveness, investments, exports and the excellence of the agri-food industry

The Emilia Romagna legislative assembly

The Emilia-Romagna Legislative Assembly at Expo: “Feed the Planet, Feed Peace”

The programme: a lesson on hunger in the world according to Alberto Manzi; events addressed to institutions and citizens alike; role play between Emilia Romagna and Senegal administrators

Enoteca Emilia Romagna in Dozza (Bo)

The Tramonto DiVino food and wine tour travels along the Via Emilia as far as the Expo

This year, the tour that promotes food and wine from Emilia Romagna has turned its attention from the seaside to the Via Emilia, as part of the project "Emilia-Romagna in viaggio verso Expo" (Emilia Romagna travels to the Expo)

Parma, capital of Food Valley, is a candidate to become a Unesco City of Gastronomy

Support from the Region of Emilia-Romagna: during the year of Expo, this is a chance to promote the entire territory and Italy’s best gastronomic traditions. A memorandum of understanding has been signed with ANCI and Cheftochef Emilia-Romagna Cuochi


A virtual journey through the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese factories for Expo

An App in 11 languages for people to get to know it throughout the world and for guiding consumers and enthusiasts on a discovery of all the production processes and places

Emilia-Romagna Regional President Stefano Bonaccini

The World Food Forum in Brussels, the tool to take on the food supply challenge

Set to take place at the Expo Milan on 22 and 23 September, the forum promoted by the Region of Emilia-Romagna was presented to European Regions and diplomatic missions

Pavarotti House Museum, Modena

The restaurant-museum dedicated to Luciano Pavarotti opens in Milan

Good food, an affordable menu and opera in memory of the great Maestro. Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum opened for Expo in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

Semi: A hundred museums in Emilia-Romagna form a network for Expo 2015

The Cultural Heritage Institute of the Region of Emilia-Romagna dedicates the project to the theme of Expo Milano 2015. A trip through Via Emilia in pursuit of the flavours and knowledge of more than a hundred museums

Star bene in Romagna, the artisans of food and wellness come to Expo

Romagna, the land of wellbeing and artisanal excellence in food, design, hospitality and feeling good: 100 events for the summer with a stage at Expo Milan. The Region: an example of what the “new model of tourism” will be like

 Palazzo Bentivoglio, Gualtieri

Ligabue and cultural tourism, northern Emilia-Romagna "takes on" the Expo

In Gualtieri, the exhibition of the newly formed Antonio Ligabue Museum Foundation falls on the 50th anniversary of the painter’s death. The exhibition venue, Palazzo Bentivoglio, overlooks one of the most beautiful squares in Italy

Stefano Bonaccini and Riccardo Muti

Verdi, Muti and Falstaff: Emilia-Romagna offers plenty of culture for Expo visitors

Maestro Riccardo Muti conducts Cherubini Youth Orchestra in Verdi’s Falstaff at the Ravenna Festival. A number of tickets will be sold as part of a tourist package put together especially for Expo

Pianello Val Tidone

Valtidone and Valluretta take centre stage at Expo. Flavours, nature and things of beauty

The website was present for two days at the Universal Exposition. An innovative tourist guide, together with leading companies, providing up-to-date information for visitors.

The Emilia-Romagna Headquarters

Opportunity for 4,500 students from schools in the Emilia-Romagna region to visit Expo

The region has given the opportunity to students to get involved in innovative Expo projects thus, giving exposure to the excellence achieved by the region's education system

Prosciutto di Parma celebrates Expo with "I Ham Parma": Competition for Restaurants and Eateries

You can vote online for the best Prosciutto di Parma recipes, prepared by our top chefs. In June, the food capital celebrates the return of the festival of food excellence, "Ingrediente Parma"

Palazzo Fava

From Bologna to Expo, a connection in the way of great painting

"Da Cimabue a Morandi. Felsina Pittrice" will be the continuation of the exhibition that will open on the 22nd of July at the Eataly Pavilion where there will also be other works on show in Bologna

Mayor Muzzarelli at the opening of a pop-up shop (photo Municipality of Modena)

Expo effect in Modena: pop-up shops and picture cards under the porticoes

Pop-up shops launched in the historic centre – open for the duration of Expo. Enlargements of picture cards from the exhibition “Fantasmagoriche Expo 1851-1900” are on display under the porticoes

Palazzina Vigarani

Modena’s own Expo in the gardens of the Duke’s Palace

A major event linked with Expo Milano 2015: Palazzina Vigarani hosts a five-month festival until September 20 underlining the area’s local gastronomy and products of certified origin. The City of Modena is a signatory to the Charter of Milan.

Emilia-Romagna Regional President, Stefano Bonaccini

Mission to China for Bonaccini: a new "pact" with Guangdong

An agreement will be signed between the territories and a twinning scheme put in place between Emilia-Romagna and the Chinese province. Economic growth opportunities in the environmental, tourism, mechanical and agro-industry sectors

Tourism, Maranello promotes itself with an exhibition that celebrates Ferrari

"Maranello People Flying High" is the title of the multimedia exhibition inaugurated by the President of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini. "We want the share of the GDP generated from tourism in Emilia-Romagna to increase from 8 to 10%"

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