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promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna during Expo Milan 2015 from 1 May to 31 October.

In 2015, tourism grew in Emilia Romagna. The " fruits of Expo" will be seen in future

The region has registered 43.5 million tourists since January. All the figures from seaside and mountain resorts and art and spa towns are rising. According to Bonaccini, "One and a half million more tourists is a very significant figure. Tourism is a strategic sector in which investments and jobs should be increased."
In 2015, tourism grew in Emilia Romagna. The " fruits of Expo" will be seen in future

Bonaccini at the ER square at Expo next to the touch wall with the finest products of Emilia-Romagna

All tourism figures from Emilia Romagna, involving seaside and mountain resorts, as well as art and spa towns, have been positive in 2015. After years of downturn and stagnation, the year 2015 has seen a growth in tourism recorded by hotels and other hospitality facilities, as reported by the region's tourism observatory, formed by the regional government and the Union of Chambers of Commerce.

Up 1.5 million

As a whole, the tourism industry of Emilia Romagna has closed the first nine months of the year with roughly 43.5 million tourists, recording a 3.6% rise from the roughly 42 million of last year. In addition, there has been a rise in arrivals, equal to 5.8% more than last year (the figure rose from 7.3 million in 2014 to 7.7 in the current year).

A strategic sector

"One and a half million more tourists is a very significant figure," emphasised the chairman of the region, Stefano Bonaccini, who presented the figures together with the regional councillor for tourism, Andrea Corsini, and the chairman of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Emilia Romagna, Maurizio Torreggiani. "We were convinced that tourism was a strategic sector in which to increase investments and jobs. We're on the right track," said the chairman. "We've invested a great deal in Expo, bringing the best we can offer from Piacenza to Rimini, and our region was the one most appreciated for quality and abundance. Now we will make new investments to promote the whole extraordinary range of opportunities Emilia Romagna can offer, and a new regional law to come in line with changes and boost tourism even more as a factor towards growth. In this regard, the country as a whole needs to make a commitment to promote itself around the world."

Fruits of Expo

Although the effects of Expo on current tourism trends cannot be estimated as yet, the Regional Authorities are almost certain that its participation in grand style at Expo shall produce the results hoped for. "We've sowed our seeds well at the Expo, and I am certain that we shall reap the rewards in coming years," Stefano Bonaccini, regional governor assures us. "The work done shall produce beneficial effects from 2016, as demonstrated by the Expos held in recent years in Europe and beyond," adds tourism councillor, Andrea Corsini.  Meanwhile, the strengthening of rail connections with Milan ("which went very well", Bonaccini says) shall continue into next year.


"2015 is a year of recovery for the region's tourism industry," explained Corsini. "Now our objective is to make it a fundamental, strategic growth asset. We shall be investing 10 million for promoting trade (through the provincial tourism boards and product unions) in international and domestic markets, with focus on German markets to grasp and boost its current recovery. After the coastline and theme parks, we are now set to start a new campaign on the Apennines for both winter and summer tourism, promoting three of our most popular destinations: Food Valley, Motor Valley and Wellness Valley”.

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Published Oct 28, 2015 — last modified Oct 30, 2015

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