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promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna during Expo Milan 2015 from 1 May to 31 October.

Emilia-Romagna lands at Expo 2015: protagonist from August to October

Piazzetta on the Cardo inaugurated, all the initiatives. President Bonaccini: "We will present our examples of excellence to the world". The Expo special: insights, images and videos
Emilia-Romagna lands at Expo 2015: protagonist from August to October

The President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini at the inauguration

The adventure of Emilia-Romagna at Expo 2015 has got under way with the inauguration of the Piazzetta on the Cardo, one of the two main avenues of the exposition.
A space that, with the large "Explor ER" sign, invites visitor to explore and discover the entire area, its products and its strengths.
The Emilia-Romagna programme at Expo, lasting 90 days (until 31 October), will unfold between Palazzo Italia, the Piazzetta, the Exhibition of the Regions and will culminate with its dedicated Week, from 18 to 24 September.

Emilia-Romagna protagonist 


“Emilia-Romagna – underlined the President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini at the inauguration – is here at Expo with a rich, widespread and qualified presence, the result of the prominence of its local area, of its production system, in particular in the agrifood and agro-industry field, of its consortia, its associations, including non-profit, and its research institutions. We will present our examples of excellence to the world, also in order to promote our Region from a tourism point of view. Proud – concluded the President – to be able to contribute, as protagonists, to the recovery and growth of our country”.
The inauguration was attended by the International Organization Manager of Expo SpA, Fabrizio Grillo, the President of Fiera di Bologna, Duccio Campagnoli, and the Deputy Mayor of Faenza, Massimo Isola.

The Region at Expo Milano 2015 

“Food for life, food for mind”, this is the theme chosen for the Piazzetta.
Animating the space will be the proposals of the municipalities, consortia, non-profit associations and research institutions which responded to the regional call and which will narrate the Regions' agriculture, industry, typical products, recipes, art, cities and illustrious personalities. That of Emilia-Romagna is an example of shared design and animation, with the provision of space free of charge following the expression of interest on the part of those representing the entire area. 79 applications were submitted; 52 of which were accepted and 31 selected to be present in the Piazzetta from August to 31 October.

In the Piazzetta

The Piazzetta - created in collaboration with Ervet and Finanziaria Bologna Metropolitana; technical sponsors, and the companies Kronos and Smeg - is a journey through the local areas. Also a visual and interactive journey, thanks to a special four-by-two-metre Touch Wall, a sort of mosaic 2.0, consisting of 223 icons. With a simple touch you will be able to leave on your own customised journey, in a game of cross references among typical products, recipes, art, illustrious personalities and industry and research records. An invitation to explore Emilia-Romagna, therefore, that the Region extends to all Expo visitors, with the possibility to "take home" the one that most impressed the visitor (texts, photos and icons can in fact be downloaded on smartphones and tablets).

 The other places of ER

Emilia-Romagna is also in the Exhibition of the Regions in Palazzo Italia. Two local companies - Acetaia Pedroni di Rubbiara di Nonantola (MO) and the cooperative Il Raccolto di San Pietro in Casale (BO) - testify to the tradition of typical products and innovation in precision agriculture, while representing the "power of beauty" are the Mosaics of Galla Placidia di Ravenna, the Po Delta and the Cathedral and Baptistry of Parma.

The dedicated week

The inauguration of the Emilia-Romagna Week (50 events planned dedicated to agriculture, schools, the environment, research and innovation, industry and tourism) is scheduled for 18 September, along the Cardo and on the stage of Cascina Triulza.
The main event will be the “World food research and innovation forum”, in collaboration with Aster, on 22 and 23 September in the Auditorium of Palazzo Italia. In the forefront, research and innovation at the service of the entire agricultural sector, to produce more and better, while respecting the environment

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