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Training in Silicon Valley for Emilia-Romagna start-ups

President Bonaccini, on an official visit to California, has opened the "Emilia-Romagna Technology Venture Launch Program" (TVLPx) in Menlo Park, with 10 start ups: they will take part in lessons with lecturers from the most important American universities

A “base” in the Silicon Valley to support Emilia-Romagna’s start ups that wish to internationalise their own market, search for new investments and grow their own skills.

This is the Technology Venture Launch Program (TVLPx), launched by the Region, working with Aster, during President Stefano Bonaccini’s trip to the United States. “We wanted to accompany ten young men and women,” announced Bonaccini, “who have started up the same number of businesses selected by our Region through Aster, so that they can learn, get to known and find ways to interpret the culture in Silicon Valley that can allow the start ups to become something incredibly important”.

The invitation by notice

The first result of the program was the selection of 10 start ups in Emilia-Romagna, through invitation by notice (50% are in the food sector) that are currently taking part free of charge in the Silicon Valley TVLP Express in Menlo Park. This is an initiative to develop an idea of enterprise, grow one’s own skills and acquire what is known as the Silicon Valley mindset, which comprises theory lessons with lecturers and professors from the most important American schools of economics, networking events and visits to incubators and companies.

The Silicon Valley model

The Silicon Valley is now a virtuous model of an “economic ecosystem”, where collaboration between cutting-edge start ups, universities and investors has created a nerve centre for the most important high-tech companies worldwide. It is the world centre for the creation of innovative start ups: it is the place where, in 1939, the first civil electronics company, Hewlett-Packard was founded by two Stanford University graduates, and where the Stanford Research Park incubator was set up in the 1950s. This is where Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tesla, Uber, Google and Apple all have their bases.

During the trip to the USA, Bonaccini – together with the regional ministers Palma Costi (Production) and Simona Caselli (Agriculture) – have visited and met people at the Ames Exploration Center at NASA (also in Silicon Valley), at Stanford University and at Apple.


To find out more: the blog dedicated to Emilia Romagna’s start ups in Silicon Valley

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Published Nov 10, 2015 — last modified Nov 13, 2015

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