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promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna during Expo Milan 2015 from 1 May to 31 October.

After Expo, it’s time for the winter edition of Discover Ferrari&Pavarotti land

The tour of the excellent businesses in the Modena area, with bus and shuttle connections that also take tourists right on site, is relaunching and will also continue throughout the winter season
After Expo, it’s time for the winter edition of Discover Ferrari&Pavarotti land

On the left Antonio Ghini with councilor Rotella

An initiative designed to promote the area in and around Modena, designed for the Universal Exposition but that will outlive Expo. The initiative is the Discover Ferrari&Pavarotti land tour and the decision to go forward has found favour with the Municipality of Modena. “With the Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti land programme also extended throughout winter, Modena and its surrounding area will continue to work together to promote their excellences, in pursuit of a sharp rise in quality, not only in terms of the operating procedures, but also in terms of mentality”. With these words, Tommaso Rotella, councillor of the Municipality of Modena for the Promotion of the City and Tourism, commented on the extension to the winter season of the initiative that takes visitors on a shuttle bus ride to discover the territory. The launch of the Discover “Winter Edition” was announced by Antonio Ghini, director of the Ferrari Museums, who illustrated the new features and characteristics of the offer specifically designed for the winter period.

Expo, a launching pad

“We can confirm the opinion expressed several times by the Administration – stressed Rotella – and that is that Expo would only have been a flywheel, a launching pad for the journey to be made after the exposition with a new way of promoting Modena. It was an experience that breathed life into important energies and, most of all, created a network of parties (from local authorities to the two Ferrari museums and the Casa Pavarotti Museum, to the many private individuals involved) which had previously responded to tourism as individuals and which, for the first time ever, now moved forward as one. And, importantly, these same parties are still convinced and determined to continue moving forward”.

Local businesses open their doors

The councillor for Tourism, who also has a mandate for Economic Activities, also makes a point of emphasising another aspect: “The companies that have joined the Discover circuit have participated actively and, as well as producing the excellent products that contribute to the positive image of our territory every day, they also arranged to welcome Italian and foreign tourists into their companies, creating laudable pathways which proved extremely successful. Today, people visit Modena also to taste a quality of life that is composed of both a social aspect and also the quality of the production processes, which is transferred to the products”.

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