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promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna during Expo Milan 2015 from 1 May to 31 October.

A food journey: mapping Emilia-Romagna's journey to the Expo

From Rimini to Piacenza and then to the Expo with a 75 metre-long piece of dough and the culinary specialities of the land. Here is the map that the chefs of Emilia Romagna will follow, along the via Emilia, the Po and the via dei Parchi
A food journey: mapping Emilia-Romagna's journey to the Expo

The map

The departure date of “Emilia Romagna's journey to the Expo” gets ever closer and gourmet tourists can discover the programme of events by consulting the new guide map which outlines the various stages and contains all the information you could need to follow the three paths of the initiative and participate in the events hosted in the cities involved in the project. 100,000 copies of the map are available from IAT offices in the provincial capitals of Emilia Romagna and the 50 restaurants belonging to the Cheftochef emiliaromagnacuochi association.


The map


“We are ready – confirms Massimo Spigaroli, chairman of Cheftochef - and certain that this journey will act as an excellent example for all those regions that want to promote their culinary and cultural heritage in a consistent and coherent manner. To take the initiative to the next level, during the presentation of the guide map all of the chefs that participate in the journey will also dedicate a dish to the event, which will stay on the menu until the end of the project".


Emilia Romagna's journey to the Expo is a culinary and cultural tour that aims to lift the lid on the Region of Emilia-Romagna and which will take place along three historic routes: the Waterways of the Adriatic Sea and the River Po, which will be crossed by boat, the land as represented by the Via Emilia, travelled by bicycle, and finally the Alta via dei Parchi, which will be covered on foot.

A journey that will last over a month and involve a rich blend of knowledge and flavours, lands and culture, all of which garnished with the flair and the skills of the Cheftochef emiliaromagnacuochi group, which together with producers and winemakers has put together an extraordinary calendar that will enliven the entire region with over thirty events.

Departure from Rimini

The journey will begin on 7 August in Rimini and will reach Piacenza on 18 September, city in which chefs, producers and territories will meet to celebrate the end of the tour. On 21 September the participants of the journey will leave Emilia-Romagna and head to Milan, where at Casa degli Atellani, home to Leonardo's Vineyard, the chefs, producers and consortiums, the parks and communities of Emilia-Romagna will present the very best of their lands in a remarkable culinary event.


75 metre-long piece of dough at the Expo   

Finally, the last stage on 22 September with the arrival at the Expo to roll out – chefs and pasta ladies – a 75-metre long piece of dough, with different fillings and formats from Piacenza to the sea, with specific attention, when choosing which products to use, on the 41 PDO and PGI products from Emilia-Romagna, as well as the region's wines. 

The project was possible thanks to the collaboration of the CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi association, Regione Emilia Romagna and APT Servizi.


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